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Davide Jelmini - fiveD

Lives and works between Lugano and the Balearic Islands.

At the end of his professional sports career, he dedicates himself to the study and the careful analysis of all the elements that distinguish the human body. Therapy, personal and emotional development, are just some of the characteristics addressed during his training.

Inspired from an early age by the shots of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, in recent years he focused on perspective games, interpreting in a personal and unconventional way angles and details. The shapes that are born from the shots give life to unusual magical compositions and emotions.

Multifaceted artist and passionate about photography, visionary and nature lover he loves to discover non-conformist point of view, that give the opportunity to uncover the magic of the “natural art” that surrounds us.

I had the privilege of a private visit to Davide’s photographic exhibition AEREA in Locarno, together observing the images in silence and then discussing what we saw and felt, it was a beautiful and unusually stimulating experience.

Davide has the ability to express something extremely engaging through his photographs, not only portraying wonderful natural realities, unusual frames, colors and emotions, but also leading you to tell and discover something about yourself. Yes, because when you admire his artistic photos, you start with him a journey, discovering emotions, fears and beauty that are primarily within yourself. Each photo tells a thousand other stories. … Brilliant to have envisaged a journey together with the observer, which does change with each different observer.

It is not easy and not obvious ,to represent so much through the union of several images … this is the word of someone who has lived with photography for years and loves images that create strong emotions.

Admiring Davide’s brave art, it’s a journey that goes far beyond any form of alleged photographic narcissism or a mere representation of reality from an unusual point of view, it is entering into one’s soul and discovering what moves and scares each one of us and what we really like deep inside …. an experience that I highly recommend … a daydream, that leads one to discover and experience sensations that oftentimes we hide inside.

Beatrice Giorgi (Rimini-Italy),
Journalist, Photoreporter and Businesswoman
5th of December 2021

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