THRKNGS@46°14’27”N 8°50’39”E

THRKNGS@46°14’27”N 8°50’39”E

Edition: 9+1 (number 1 on 9)


Title: THRKNGS@46°14’27”N 8°50’39”E
Details: 15th of May 2021 (13:59) ,Verzasca, Switzerland
Equipment: DJI Mavic3




It’s about image size

Printing Information

Each print is carefully crafted using one of the most beautiful and high quality FINE ART papers by CANSON is realised using a high-definition fine art inkjet printer . This guarantees maximum image quality and durability. each print is glued on a 3mm d-bond support surrounded with a slim floating frame. The artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that features a unique hologram sticker system.

For more information about pricing, printing and shipping costs please send an email here.

THRKNGS@46°14’27”N 8°50’39”E


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