fived Davide Jelmini


Lives and works between Lugano and the Balearic Islands.

At the end of his professional sports career, he dedicates himself to the study and the careful analysis of all the elements that distinguish the human body. Therapy, personal and emotional development, are some of the characteristics addressed during his training.

Inspired from an early age by the shots of Yann Arthus-Bertand, in recent years he focused on perspective games, interpreting in a personal and unconventional way angles and details. The shapes that are born from the shots give life to unusual magical compositions and emotions.

Multifaceted artist and passionate about photography, visionary and nature lover he loves to discover non-conformist point of view, that give the opportunity to uncover the magic of the “natural art” that surrounds us.

Thanks to unusual mirrored perspectives, aspires to awaken people’s imagination and open-mindedness, helping them to grasp the details that surround our environment.

During the period that we are living in, we are constantly pollued by negative news and phonomena that influence our minds, this leads us to a loss of interpretation, observation and quality of life. The hundreds of meters that dinstance the ground from the sky, allows me to shoot photos that give life to imaginative creatures. Thanks to these inspiring and unusual images, our personality will have to oppurtunity to spontaneously project its own world without preconceptions and needless of explanation… then allowing yourself to be transported, carefree, within this new horizon.



Beatrice Giorgi (Rimini, Italy)
Journalist, Photoreporter and Businesswoman
5th of December 2021

I had the privilege of privately visiting Davide’s photo exhibition AEREA in Locarno.  Silently observing the images and then discussing what we saw and felt was a beautifully and unusually stimulating experience.

Davide has the ability to convey something extremely engaging through his photographs, not just natural wonders, unusual cuts, colors, and emotions, but he really brings you to discover and tell something about yourself. Indeed, when you admire one of his artistic photos, you embark on a journey of discovering emotions, fears, and beauty that primarily reside within yourself. Each photo tells a thousand other stories. … Brilliant to have devised a journey together with the observer, which changes as the observer changes.

It’s not easy to convey so much through the combination of multiple images, and it’s not obvious either. As someone who has been immersed in photography for years and who cherishes deeply emotive creations, I can truly appreciate the depth of Davide’s work.

Admiring Davide’s courageous art is a journey that goes far beyond any form of presumed photographic narcissism or mere representation of reality from an unusual perspective, it’s about entering into your own soul and discovering what moves us, what scares us, what we really like deeply…an experience I highly recommend…a daydream, to discover many things we often hide even from ourselves